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As a young child, Vahid ahmad Esteghamat was captivated by the beauty of precious stones and metals. He spent hours studying the intricate designs of his mother's jewelry, dreaming of one day creating his own. His passion for jewelry design continued to grow as he got older, and he eventually pursued formal training in the field.

After completing his education, Vahid started his career working with some of the most famous jewelers in the world, including Mozafarian, Stephan Hafner, Mahallati, and Rosmondo. It was during this time that he honed his skills in jewelry design and manufacturing, developing a unique style that set him apart from his peers.

But Vahid's ambitions did not end with jewelry design alone. He also had a keen interest in luxury management, recognizing that the ability to provide exceptional service to discerning clients was key to success in the luxury industry. He studied the market extensively, learning everything he could about luxury brands and their customers.

In 2018, Vahid took his knowledge and expertise to the next level by founding DubaiLuxuryWatch. He knew that the luxury watch industry was the perfect arena for him to showcase his skills and creativity. He started small, buying and selling watches on a small scale, but he quickly gained a reputation for his expertise and attention to detail. His clients, who included celebrities, royalty, and wealthy collectors, were impressed with his professionalism and the quality of his products.

As his business grew, Vahid remained committed to providing the highest quality service to his clients. He focused on creating a luxurious brand image and ensuring that his customers received the highest level of attention and care. With his unique eye for detail and creativity, he designed some of the most exquisite watches in the world, using only the finest materials.

Vahid's reputation continued to grow, and his business expanded to include clients from all over the world. He worked with the royal families of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Iran, and more. His clientele included some of the most prominent names in the entertainment, sports, and business worlds.

Today, Vahid Ahmad Esteghamat is a leading figure in the luxury watch industry. His expertise in jewelry design, luxury management, and the luxury watch market has made him one of the most sought-after experts in the field. He continues to create some of the most exquisite watches in the world, using his creativity, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence to deliver the best possible products to his discerning clients.

In summary, Vahid Ahmad Esteghamat's passion for jewelry design, luxury management, and the luxury watch industry has led him on a remarkable journey from a young child captivated by the beauty of precious stones and metals to a leading figure in the global luxury market. His journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to excellence, creativity, and the pursuit of his dreams.